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Summit Headquarter
Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexiko

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Nov 10 2019


12:30 pm - 4:30 pm


US$ 120


Guided Diving

Dive with the Bullsharks

Dive with these incredible animals and see them right in front of your mask. 

Bull Sharks are one of the most feared ocean predators, even though humans are not part of their diet. Unfortunately, their bad reputation is due to the fact that most of the information found on them comes from tabloids. Our aim is to increase awareness about these magnificent beasts and make you fall in love as we did.

From November to March, our majestic Bullsharks visit us to give us a sight worth of a life’s bucket-list. We offer Observation diving exclusively (no feeding), and this is certainly one of the most thrilling and humbling experience while diving in winter in the region.

Depth: 25 m- 80 feet
Divers Prerequisites: Advanced OW diver or equivalent, Active within 6 months
Configuration recommended: Single Tank Sidemount

– 2 x Ocean dives (1 Bullsharks Observation Dive followed by a shallow Reef Dive)
– Environmental Briefing, Tanks & Weights
– Snacks & Drinks
Non included:
– Full Equipment Rental: $20 / Day
– Or $5 / Piece / Day
– Nitrox: $5


No sunscreen / mosquito repellent or any chemical product to be applied on the skin for all in water activities for conservation purposes.

Schedule can be adapted and subject to changes due to logistical, availabilities and weather conditions. Such modifications are not grounds for a refund if alternate diving options are made available.

Please keep in mind that while there is a very high success rate of seeing the Bullsharks during our dive, we’re still diving in their natural environment. Hence we cannot control the number of sharks you will encounter, and there is always a chance they could not be seen at all.

photocredit Kim Jaloustre

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