Summit Headquarter Summit Headquarter


Summit Headquarter
Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexiko

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Oct 28 2019


All of the day


70 USD



Personalize Your Sidemount Gear

Each Razor System is customized during the initial course with your Razor Instructor. But sometimes, the adjustments have to be readjusted, be it because you use a different suit or your body shape has changed. So here is your chance to have us looking at it and share with you our most useful tips and secrets. We also have special expertise to adjust the Razor to the petite diver.

This event is open to all divers that just need the last tweak to have the perfect side mount configuration.
For ease of organisation, we will stay in Playa del Carmen at the Summit Headquarter, where we have a pool and showers, so that you actually can try in water to see if the changes make sense.

We will have refreshments, but bring your own food.

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